Logo of film ‘& Jara Hatke’ receives good response

& Jara Hatke , Marathi Movie

& Jara Hatke

Ravi Jadhav is an Ad-man and commercial writer turned film director. He has written and directed several award winning TV commercials. Therefore, when Ravi Jadhav entered into feature film making  and later forming his own film company, we noticed the logo of his film company and logos of his films, very unique.

Now, we all know that Ravi Jadhav is presenting a new Marathi film ‘& Jara Hatke’, which itself has a unique title. Recently, logo of this film was unveiled and made public. And, it received a very good response from his well wishers and friends, who tweeted praising this logo. According to the film maker, the letter ‘&’ stands for binding two different things together, which in the film relates to two generations.

This ‘Hat ke’ film is written by Mitali Joshi and directed by Prakash Kunte, whose ‘Coffee Aani Barach Kaahi’ turned out to be a hit film of this year. Incidentally, this film was also presented by Ravi Jadhav along with others.  So, obviously, there are high  expectations from this film too.

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