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Gaurav Ghatnekar

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Actor Gaurav Ghatnekar

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Born: 15 May
Occupation : Actor

Few years ago on Star Pravah’s popular serial ‘Tujhvin Sakya Re‘ we noticed a young handsome actor Gaurav Ghatnekar opposite two beautiful girls- Kadambari Kadam and Jui Gadkari . He had then played his character of a young boy from a rich family, very confidently. Gaurav Ghatnekar, is a student of  Whistling Woods; who later trained himself under the expert guidance of renowned Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah. Actress Shruti Marathe also tied her knot with her ‘Tujhi Majhi Love Story‘ co star Gaurav Ghatnekar. Ever since both of them worked ‘Tujhi Majhi Love Story‘ this film, we have been hearing about their good friendship.


Radio Nights 6.06 (Upcoming)
Kay Re Rascala (Upcoming)
Sangati (Upcoming)
Vazandar (2016)
Tujhi Majhi Love Story (2014)

Prem He (ZEE Yuva)
Shubhalagna Savadhan
Tujhvin Sakya Re (Star Pravah)
Mr. & Mr.




Gaurav Ghatnekar

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