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Rating: na
Producer: Mrs. Usha Bhave
Director: Chandrakant Kulkarni
Story: Girish Joshi
Cast: Ashvini Bhave, Sachin Khedekar, Sadashiv Amarapurkar, Tushar Dalavi, Sulekha Talvalkar, Dr.Sharad Bhutadiya, Satish Aalekar…
Movie Review by:  Nayana

Truth is always stranger than the fiction. Nevertheless, every one runs behind the truth. But sometimes we realize that it is better if some things remain unknown. The new marathi movie ‘Kadachit’ deals with conflict between truth and lies and its alarming impact on emotional entanglement resulted in psychological disorders.

Marathi Mulgi and the Producer of ‘Kadachit’, Ashwini Bhave was very excited talking to MMW team about this film. A well-known Neuro-surgeon Dr. Gayatri Pradhan, her husband and her lovely daughter Piyu… live happily till one day when a person (better to see this person on screen) from Gayatri’s past enters their lives and the happiness shatters. A little mistake done by Gayatri unintentially in the past disturbs the whole life of that person and when she realises this she gets psychologically disturbed . At last the truth comes into the light and Gayatri not only recuperates from this mental disorder but rejuvenate her beautiful life.

Well-known producer Girish Joshi has written the story. Ashwini accepted the challenge to make a movie on it and succeeded with the help of Director Chandrakant Kulkarni(‘Bindhast’ fame). Dialogues are by Girish Joshi.

Kadachit Marathi Movie
After a prolong stay abroad, the graceful Ashwini has arrived with a bang!! A confident and successful Neuro- surgeon, an ideal wife, a caring mother and a collapsed lady… Ashwini has played the lead role whole- heartedly. Accompanying actors Sachin Khedekar, Tushar Dalvi, Sharad Bhutadia, Sulekha Talwalkar and child artist Twinkle Raikar’s performances are outstanding. Sadashiv Amrapurkar, in a role of a father grabs attention because of his performance. This movie has no songs, but Amar Mohile’s eerie background music is in palce with movies mood. Cameraman Rajiv Jain’s excellent work deserves a special mention.

A strong story, impressive dialogues, mature direction and outstanding performance lead to an excellent movie. ‘Kadachit’ just confirms this and MMW confidently says that the movie’s success is ‘Nakkich’ (certainly)!!!!

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