‘Premachi Goshta’ defines love beyond relationship

Premachi Goshta
Rating: na
Banner: Mirah Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, Citrus Check Inns
Producers: Ihita enterprises
Director: Satish Rajwade
Music: Avinash, Vishwajeet
Cinematography: Suhas Gujrathi
Cast: Atul Kulkarni, Sulekha Talwalkar, Sagarika Ghatage, Satish Rajwade,
Rohini Hattangadi, Mira Velankar and Rani Gunaji (Guest Appearance)
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Steve Martin has rightly said, “Relationships end, but they don’t end your life. But people do often spend more time finding out about failed relationships than finding successful ones.” Perhaps, based on this philosophy, writer Chinmay Kelkar and director Satish Rajwade thought of making this new Marathi film ‘Premachi Goshta’. The rising cases of divorce among young middle class Maharashtrian people are on the rise and hence this subject is timely, to make a film.

The story of the film is about two strangers Ram Subramanyam ( Atul Kuklkarni), and Sonal ( Sagarika Ghatge), who happen to meet in a Family court. They start talking to each other after a misunderstanding and later get to know each other . For Ram, it is almost like understanding a woman, after meeting her in the family court.

Ram already has faced a divorce from Ragini( Sulekha Talwalkar) an aspiring model and stage actress, who is more concerned about her career and space. Though Ram is a good husband, Ragini’s over ambitious attitude, results in their divorce. On the other hand, Sonal has two failed marriages and is depressed. She lives with her single friend Meera( Meera Velankar) and desperately searches for a job. When Sonal faces an interview, to assist a script writer in his works, he happens to be Ram. In short, the world is too small for them, to meet once again.

Premachi Goshta

Ram is born to a Maharashtrian mother and a south Indian father, hence Subramayam. But, in the film, he is shown only with his mother ( Rohini Hattangadi), who is more concerned about her son’s future. But, Sonal’s entry into his office, brings lady luck to Ram. Otherwise, believing in stories based on remakes of old hits with little changes here and there; Ram is encouraged by Sonal to write his original stories and it works. Ram also inspires Sonal to contribute something to his story and later gives her a free hand to proceed with the conclusion.

As the characters in their story take the form of A,B,C & D; the actual happenings in their life also take unusual turns, with the return of Ragini and Samit ( Sonal’s ex- husband). This brings a temporary halt to their work on script, with the difference of opinion between Ram and Sonal over conclusion part in the climax. Ram’s close friend Swaraj ( Satish Rajwade) suggests him not to entertain Ragini once again, no matter it was for professional work. Ram’s mother is also not happy with Ram’s professional relations with Ragini, whom she calls a selfish woman.

Director Satish Rajwade has handled this cinematic form of love story with his own creativity. Scenes of Ram and Sonal together in office and Cafe have been shot very well. “Love remains, though relationship ends” is all that he has tried to explain, through this sensible film. After ‘Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai’ this is another good creation from him. Though ‘Mumbai –Pune-Mumbai’ was targeted at youngsters and about making selection of life partners, ‘Premachi Goshta’ goes one step further to show that falling in love with each other is not enough for marriage; but it is understanding each other well, more important for a successful marriage.

In the role of Ram, Atul Kulkarni has played a simple idealistic hero, in search of happy relationship. He has displayed different shades through his performance, while expressing his emotions and conscience. A wonderful actor that he is, Atul has given full justice to his character. Sagarika Ghatge, plays a depressed and agitated woman in the initial stage; but quickly shows happiness through her emotions, while sharing her thoughts with her friend Meera. Sulekha Talwalkar, who has a long experience of playing a career woman in the recent past, has played her part well. Satish Rajwade , Meera Velankar & Ajay Purkar have offered good support, through their performances in equally important characters in this film. It was nice to see Rohini Hattangadi making a comeback into Marathi films, after a long time.

Lyrics of Ashwini Shende are meaningful in the songs played in the background, according to changing situations; on the music of Avinash Vishwajeet. Photography by Suhas Gujarathi is good, while capturing those required emotions of the main characters, in all those important scenes. Presented by Mirah Entertainment Pvt Ltd, ‘Premachi Goshata’ is not a routine love story; but, offers something different, to define love beyond relationship.

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