Good days for character artistes in Marathi TV serials

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Abhidnya Bhave, Sayali Deodhar, Anita Date, Tv Serials

Many top actors began their acting career as character artistes. They didn’t land in this tinsel world directly as lead artistes. If we talk about Marathi serials, Good days are here, for character artistes. Now, take the example of Anita Date, who has played character roles in many Marathi & Hindi plays, serials and films. Now, all of a sudden she has found a lead role in new Marathi serial ‘Majhya Navryachi Baiko’ which will go on the air today. Anita plays the wife of popular TV & Film actor Abhijeet Khandkekar.

Another character actress Sayali Deodhar, whom we saw in a small role in the serial ‘Julun Yeti Reshimgathi’ has found an important parallel female role in the ongoing  serial ‘Lek Majhi Ladki’. Abhijit Amkar, who played a character role of Swarda Thigale‘s friend in college, in the serial ‘Majhe Mann Tujhe Zhale’, has found a lead role of Siddhu in ongoing serial ‘TujhyaVachun Karmena’ and he is really doing good.

One more character artiste, whom we saw in the role of Saiprasad, one of the office colleague, who joins the office  of Suyash and Suruchi, almost towards the end of the serial, has found the lead role of Dr.Vikrant in the ongoing popular serial ‘Khulta kali Khulwna’. And, he is really playing his role with complete understanding of his character. Similarly, Abhidnya Bhave, whom we saw in the team of five girls in ‘Lagori Returns’ is playing lead role of Dr.Vikrant’s wife- Monika , with lot more to her share, besides better scope to present her acting talent.

This clearly indicates that the makers of the serial are in search of the artistes, who would suit perfectly, for the characters in their serial.

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