Zee Yuva to present Ruta Durgule in ‘Fulpakharu’

Ruta Durgule

Ruta Durgule

Zee Yuva channel offering entertainment with a difference, with variety of serials like ‘Bun Maska’, ‘Freshers’, ‘Love lagna Locha’, ‘Ithech Taka Tambu’,’ Shravanbal’, ‘Yuvagiri’, ‘Shaurya’ and latest programmes like ‘Prem He’ and’Sargam’. Their sincere effort has been to offer something new to the viewers. Frankly speaking, these programs don’t offer routine style of entertainment.

Now, Zee Yuva have now offered their new serial ‘Fulpakharu’ and the promo of this serial has become popular on social networking sites among youngsters. The lead character of Vaidehi around whom the story revolves, is played by actress Ruta Durgule. In this part is not known who is love with Vaidehi, but, according to makers of this serial, this suspense will be revealed through the next few episodes of this film. The serial has been aired from 24th April 2017 and is being shown at prime time 7.20 pm from Monday to Friday.

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