Queen Maker ( क्वीन मेकर )

Queen Maker Marathi Natak Poster
Genres: Drama
Rating: na
Opening Date: 2017 ( 16 April )
Production House: Joy Kalamanch
Producer(s): Joy Bhosle
Presenter: na
Writer: Ravi Bhagwate
Director: Rajan Tamhane
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Producer(s): Joy Bhosle
Executive Producer(s): na
Co-producer: na
Director: Rajan Tamhane
Assistant Director: na
Writer: Ravi Bhagwate
Dialogues: na
Artist: Akshar Kothari, Sheetal Kshirsagar, Ankita Panvelkar, Amit Guhe, Ilina Shende
Set Design: Pradeep Mulye
Lights: Rajan Tamhane
Costume: na
Background Music: na
Makeup: na
Costume Designer: Kuhu Bhosle
Hair Style: na
Art: na
Lyrics: na
Music: Parikshit Bhatkhande
Playback singers: na
Choreographer : na
Publicity Designs: na

‘Queen Maker': Marathi play ‘Queen Maker‘ is the story of a man named Mihir Deshpande who is driven by power,success and money in the field corporate management.The story is about forcing his ideologies on the women in his life and making them as successful and powerful as he is.Subsequently the tables turn and the story is a swirl of drama and full of conflict.


Queen Maker Marathi Natak Poster


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