• New Marathi play 'Jara Hava Yeu Dya!' to be launched with inaugural show on 22nd June • Sulbha Deshpande & Jayant Savarkar to be conferred with A.B.M.N.P,'s Lifetime awards. • Sameer Athalye directed Marathi Film 'Dhangarwada' is ready for release
  • Shweta Mahadik, actress

    “I am more keen on doing Marathi projects”- Shweta Mahadik

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  • Prasad Jawade

    “Every actor has a wish to become a director”- Prasad Jawade

    Tv Luminary
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  • Siddharth Chandekar

    Is Siddharth Chandekar emerging as the most promising actor?

    Star of the month
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  • Te Don Diwas

    Papa ase he kunala kalena

    Te Don Diwas
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