“My film has commercial value, besides a very good story”- Laxman Utekar

Director Laxman Utekar

Laxman Utekar, Director

As a cinematographer, Laxman Utekar has already established himself in Bollywood. But, his desire to make a Marathi film, brought him into Marathi film industry as a director, with his debut film ‘Tapaal. Now, after 2 years, he has returned to direction once again, with his ambitious project LalbaugChi Rani, which is now due for release on 3rd June 2016. Highlight of this film is that it has received strong backing from Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor.

In an exclusive interview with, Laxman Utekar spoke about his new film and  the lesson he has learned in the process of filmmaking. Excerpts from an interview:


Q: Today, in Marathi film industry, most of the films have a good subject. Do you also believe in presenting a good story?
A: Yes, I have always paid attention on a good story, while making my films.


Q: What’s so special about your forthcoming film ‘Lalbaug Chi Rani’?

A: Besides good story, my film also has commercial value, as I have tried to entertain the audience, through various other characters through this film. In this film, you will find the importance of different parts of Mumbai, covered in the screenplay and at the same time the characters, who are so helpful to others. Moreover, it’s a musical entertainer.

Q: Veena Jamkar plays a mentally challenged girl in this film. Have you come across any such character in your life?
A: Yes, I have seen a eight year old girl, who was so fascinated about balloons flying up in the air. One of the important scenes in this film, is inspired by the fascination of that little girl for balloons.

Q: Promotion of the film plays an important role in film’s success. After ‘Tapaal’ what precautions have you taken to promote ‘Lalbaug Chi Rani’?
A: This time, our team really worked very hard to promote our film. One of the methods we adopted was to make short films with a message , to promote this film and it is working very well on social network media. Even otherwise, we are going places to promote this film and interacting with people all over Maharashtra.


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