“I feel I was lucky to find roles in time” – Sandeep Gaikwad

Actor Sandeep Gaikwad

Actor Sandeep Gaikwad

Today Marathi television and film industry have many such actors, who have come from different parts of the state like Pune, Kolhapur, Nashik, Sangli, Konkan and even far off places like Nagpur & Aurangabad. One of them is from Satara.  Sandeep Gaikwad after finishing his education in Electronics Engineering B.E.( Electrocis), came to Mumbai on a  job assignment, but his interest in Marathi drama, brought him in contact with some TV serial makers and Sandeep shifted his focus on acting and preferred this profession as his  career.  Luckily, he found roles in TV serials, which helped him to survive in this high profile city of Mumbai. “I feel, I was lucky to find roles in time.” says Sandeep, when we initiated our discussion with him.

Sandeep was fortunate to find roles in different TV serials, on almost all Marathi TV channels. Besides ‘Kalat Nakalat’ on Zee, he was also part of  ‘Mangalsutra’ on Mee Marathi and ‘Parijat’ on Saam TV.  Then, there were about ten serials, in which we noticed him in important roles,  including ‘Vachan Dile tu Mala’. Presently, he is seen in Zee Marathi’s serial ‘Nanda Saukhyabhare’ playing a prominent role. Sandip was seen in his debut Marathi film ‘Poshter Boyz’, followed by ‘Dagadi Chawl’ and now he is playing a central character of a Sports Coach, in forthcoming Marathi film ‘Yaari Dosti’.

Speaking about his entry in Marathi films, Sandeep  doesn’t forget to thank his senior  Ankush Choudhary. “Actually, Ankush was so impressed with my performance in ‘Poshter Boyz’ that he recommended my name for a role in ‘Dagadi Chawl’. Luckily, for me, both the films turned out to be hit films. So, I am hopeful that with ‘Yaari Dosti’ I make a hat trick.  In this field, it is very important to find roles one after the other. And, at present, I am focusing more on roles in films.” says Sandeep.

Over the years, Sandeep has worked very hard over his fitness. Since his school days, he has played cricket, representing his school. “ Actually, I have taken active interest in all sports, but, cricket has always been my favourite sports. I am glad that I am playing a sports coach in my forthcoming Marathi film ‘Yaari Dosti’. If you have seen Shahrukh Khan’s  film ‘Chak De India’, then, this role, is of that type.” he says with a smile.

While talking to Sandeep, you realize that he is very passionate about films. When we asked him, whether he sees all the films, he quickly reacted, “I see all new released Hindi and Marathi films. I do find time for the same. English films I see only on television. I just love to watch films. And, I don’t even miss foreign language films, which are shown at different film festivals in Mumbai.”

Sandeep has earned name and fame through TV serials. Now, he is focusing more on films and he is getting good offers. We only wish that he does a hat trick with his forthcoming film ‘Yaari Dosti’ also becoming a hit.

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