Gulshan Devaiah gets ready with his Marathi film ‘Daav’

Actor Gulshan Devaiah Daav Marathi Film

Actor Gulshan Devaiah, Marathi movie ‘Daav

Bollywood artistes getting attracted to perform in Marathi films is not new now. Till now, many Bollywood personalities have appeared in Marathi films with variety of roles. And, the Marathi audience also welcomed them. Now, the latest addition being Guklshan Devaiah, who was seen in Bollywood films like ‘Shaitaan‘,’Ram Leela‘ and ‘Hunterr‘ .

Guklshan Devaiah who is from Mumbai, did speak few words in Marathi in the film ‘Hunterr‘, but according to him this was not enough. So, when he was offered Marathi film ‘Daav‘, he seriously learned Marathi language and today, he can speak this language with ease. Guklshan Devaiah is very excited about ‘Daav‘ Marathi film, as he very much liked the script. Produced by Tony D’souza, Nitin Upadhay & Amul Mohan,  ‘Daav‘ film is directed by Kanishk Verma. Now, it remains to be seen, how the Marathi audience would welcome his entry into Marathi.

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