Marathi celebrities spread the message of Eco Friendly Ganapati

Actress Shubhangi Latkar  with lord ganesha

Actress Shubhangi Latkar with lord ganesha

We are all aware that actress Sai Tamhankar is doing a commendable work of preparing the idol of eco friendly Ganapati and later converting it into a a small tree after immersing it into a an earthenware pot . The concept was designed by artiste Dattadri Kothur and Sai has promoted it this year. Those who have taken this idol home, are happy with the entire eco friendly process.

Another Marathi actor who has prepared Ganapati idol himself is Rakesh Bapat. This is also Eco Ganapati made of soft sand found at the bottom of the river. He has painted it with natural colours. Rakesh Bapat whose Marathi film ‘Rajan‘ will be released soon, has appealed to all the devotees of Ganapati to spread the concept of Eco Friendly Ganapati idols.

actor Gashmeer Mahajani with lord Ganesha

actor Gashmeer Mahajani with lord Ganesha

Marathi actress Shubhangi Latkar has also opted for Eco Friendly Ganapati . She has even avoided use of plastic and thermocol material in the decoration around Ganapati idol. Another popular Marathi actress Sonalee Kulkarni has also preferred eco friendly tiny idol of Ganapati . She spends 12 days with her family in Pune to celebrate this festival and immerses the idol in the artificial Pond created by the Municipal Corporation near her house at Nigdi, Pune. Actor Gashmeer Mahajani also believes in Eco friendly Ganapati idol. Gashmeer himself performs Pooja and stays at home during the festival.

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