‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai-3′ will be ready for release next year

Mukta Barve,  Swapnil Joshi, Satish Rajwade Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3

Mumbai Pune Mumbai sequel Mukta Barve, Swapnil Joshi, Satish Rajwade & others

After the success of their films ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai‘ and ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai-2‘ now the makers of these two films are all set to release their ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai-3‘ next year . Besides this announcement, the release date of this film has also been announced in advance, as 27th April 2018. With the name of this film and photos of lead pair Swwapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve appearing on No. 3, this beautiful poster has been released by people associated with this film and director Satish Rajwade on their social networking pages. This part 3 too will be produced by Sanjay Chhabriya.

It may be recalled that the chemistry between Swwapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve on big screen as well as small screen has been well accepted by the theatre and home audience. Ever since both of them appeared together in ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai-2‘ , their well wishers have been eagerly waiting for their comeback together. Even otherwise, both of them need a hit film and we hope that year 2018 should prove be lucky for them. With this announcement, their fans should be happy. Mukta Barve is presently busy with her TV serial ‘Rudram‘ and with limited episodes, this serial is likely to conclude soon. After which she will focus on this film. But, the idea of making announcement of this film’s release , six months in advance sounds good

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