‘Pari Hoon Main’ film launched with muhurat

Pari Hun Main Marathi Film

Nandu Madhav, Devika Daftardar & others Marathi Film ‘Pari Hoon Main

Now days, there is a new trend of having Hindi titles for Marathi films. ‘Pyar Wali Love Story‘, ‘Tu Hi Re‘, ‘Ishqwala Love to name a few of them. Now, Dr.Rajendra Pratap Singh and director Rohit Shilwant will be offering their new Marathi film with the title ‘Pari Hoon Main’. The film presents passion filled journey of a middle class family to achieve their goal. The film maker is confident that the subject of this film will be well accepted by Marathi film lovers.

Recently muhurat of this film was performed in presence of producer and wife Sheela Rajendra Singh ( who also own Yogayatan Group) in presence of cast and crew of ‘Pari Hoon Main’ film. The story of ‘Pari Hoon Main’ film is by Irawati Karnik and the film stars Nandu Madhav, Devika Daftardar, Shruti Nigade & Flora Saini in lead roles. Cinematography by Rohan Madkaikar, music by Sameer Saptiskar and editing by Ritekesh Mamdapur are the other credits of the film.

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