Sonalee Kulkarni presents herself in a new hairstyle for the film ‘Hampi’

Marathi movie 'Hampi'

Actress Sonalee Kulkarni new look Marathi movie ‘Hampi’

Every actress is keen on presenting herself in a new look for every film. Some of them are lucky to find suitable roles to present themselves in different get ups. ‘Natarang‘ fame Sonalee Kulkarni has been lucky to find variety of roles through her films like ‘Natarang‘, ‘Ajintha‘, ‘Poshter Girl‘, ‘Mitwa‘, ‘Classmates‘ and so on. Now, for her forthcoming film ‘Hampi‘ directed by Prakash Kunte, she has a totally different look with a new hair cut.

The story of ‘Hampi‘ film is penned by Aditi Moghe and Sonalee’s new look is captured in his camera by cinematographer Amalendu Choudhary. Sonalee Kulkarni herself is also happy with this new look and has reacted stating that never before she had such a short hair cut before. But, she had to do it as the director wanted her character of Isha to resemble a tomboy style. In ‘Hampi’ film along with Sonalee Kulkarni the other lead artistes are Prajakta Mali, Priyadarshan Jadhav & Lalit Prabhakar. The film will be released on 3rd November 2017 all over Maharashtra.

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