Team of ‘Damalelya Babachi Kahani’ promise a sensible subject

Sandeep Khare Sanskruti Balgude Deepti Bhagwat In Damalelya Babachi Kahani

Shreya Pasalkar, Deepti Bhagwat, Astaad Kale, Sanskruti Balgude and Sandeep Khare Marathi movie ‘Damalelya Babachi Kahani’

Nitin Chavan has been associated with Marathi stage for the past several years in Pune. Now, he has turned a film maker, with his forthcoming Marathi film ‘Damlelya Babachi Kahani‘ . He has not only produced this film along with Vishal Dhanavade, but has also directed it along with Yogesh Jadhav. On Monday evening, he unveiled the first look of his film along with the most important song of father and daughter emotional bonding, on which the film is based.

Apart from makers of this film, the lead important artistes of this film, Sandeep Khare, Sanskruti Balgude, Deepti Bhagwat, child artiste Shreya Pasalkar & Astaad Kale were also present. Nitin Chavan who has himself written the script of this film, explained as to how he was inspired to make this film, after watching the injustice on young girls in our country. “I have specifically presented the concern of the young girl’s father, who most of the time thinks about the safety of his daughter. At the same time, I have tried to present the feelings of the daughter for her father, who has formed an opinion about him, that her father is the World’s greatest father,” he added.

The first look and the song video, clearly suggest that the makers of this film and the lead artistes, especially Sandeep Khare, Sanskruti Balgude, Deepti Bhagwat and Aastaad Kale are likely to touch the hears of the Marathi audience, with their emotion filled characters in this film. They promise a sensible subject through their film. Being a family social film, ‘Damlelya Babachi Kahani‘  film has already invited the attention of critics at various international film festivals. The film is all set to release all over Maharashtra on 24th June 2016 .The makers of this film are also planning to host the shows of this film in USA next month. They have also planned to donate some amount from the profits, towards education of daughters of farmers, who have committed suicide.

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