Bharat Jadhav
Rating: na
Director: Manohar Sarvankar
Writer: Pratap Gangawane
Music: Ram-Laxshiman
Singer: Usha Mangeshkar- Nandesh Upam-Sujan
Art by: Anil Vat.
Choreography: Dilip Mistry and Deepali Vichare
Cast: Bharat Jadhav, Madhu Kambikar, Kuldeep Pawar, Vijay Chavan,
Deepali Sayeed, Smita Gondkar, Vijay Gokhale, Subhash Palshikar, Jayant Wadka
Movie Review by: Vijay Kudal

Absolutely delightful movie portraying the dabbewalas of Mumbai and each aspect of their life. Though in Mumbai itself there were estimated 5,000 dabbewals and 2,00,000 customers and one six sigma certification not the rest India but Mumbai itself lacks grace in knowledge of this Dabbewala association and their work, work ethics, work culture. This movie satisfies all needs

Though fictional one but this story waves and spins through documentary aspect also, keeping tempo of events and balance of storyline.

Story starts with Normal introduction to characters like Namdeo (Bharat Jadhav) The dreamy boy and prominent dabbawala, after his father working in his same business line i.e. dabbewala owning the ‘Toli’
( company) of his mother (Madhu Kambiker) under management of his MAMA (Vijay Chavan), This simple person falls in love of Hema Lotterywali (Deepali Sayyad) Hema has own problems in life, drunken father and mobster mother, stills on his own finding way to earn money and trying to keep family bonds when her mother refuses to provide meal (Dabba) bharat gives his own tiffin and eats vadapav fro more than 6 months till accidentally Hema knows about it. He keeps that dabaa as Tajmahal, symbol of love but destiny awaits some thing more for him.

Also forming a triangle comes ani (Smita Gondkar) framing a documentary and real aspects of dabbewals ,their modus operandy and bridging this film from friction to facts The Boss (Kuldeep Pawar) is still cool in negative shade. Stealing atomic secrets whose spy actually hides CD containing atomic power plans ,where? in same tiffin box and well then routine starts (finding CD, kidnapping of heroine and climax battle)
Bharat is still green and steal hearts in his dream sequences specially when GOD vithal takes dabba from him. Newcomer Smita looks mod in glossy outfits Vijay Chavan and other makes us laugh at each pun.

Major highlight of this film is around 500 actual Mumbai dababwals are acted in it including Raghunath Medge. President of Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Supplier’s charity trust, all real life sets, shooting majorly on sundays to avoid disturbance in their work and still completed shooting in 25 days with all due research.

And yes, how many movies you have seen in which villain joins hero’s business? Glad to see such optimism.

Still some threads missing like what happened to captives of gangsters and parents of Hema. Item song of Sambhavna Seth was also boring one.

Well still it is unique movie which we better miss not.

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