Pooja Sawant, Rasika Dhabadgaonkar all praise for their father on father’s day

Pooja Sawant, Rasika Sunil Dhabadgaonkar

Pooja Sawant, Rasika Sunil Dhabadgaonkar

Father’s day is always very special for all those fathers in this world, as their children reciprocate the same love and affection towards them, through words of praise. And, our Marathi film industry actresses are nowhere behind. Even otherwise, we are all aware that daughters have special feelings for their fathers. Actress Pooja Sawant says that for every girl, her father is a strongman. “Whenever she is scared, she remembers her father. When her father is around, the daughter is never scared of anything. In my case, whenever I feel depressed or confused while taking difficult decisions, my first phone call is to my father. His timely advice has always boosted my confidence,” says Pooja.


Popular television actress Rasika Sunil Dhabadgaokar ( Shanaya from ‘Majhya Navaryachi Baiko’) recalls  the presence of mind of her father, during a particular moment which took place during her childhood. “When I was a kid, my father had taken me along with him and we were standing at Dombivali railway station. As there was rush on the platform and it was raining heavily, he was holding me in his arms with an umbrella above us. In that situation, I had turned naughty and jumped from his arms to attempt a thrill . To save me from falling, he quickly reversed his umbrella and held me into hit, avoiding injury to me. Even otherwise, my father has always been very supportive and even today, has been taking very good care of me. He is more excited than me, to wait for the release of my next Marathi film ‘Bus Stop’,” tells Rasika.

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